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What is Full-Value Protection (FVP)? FVP is not insurance it is protection from depreciation of an item(s) due to its age. If an item(s) cannot be repaired or is missing, then the item(s) is to be replaced with the same kind and quality item at current value without depreciation. If a deductible had been selected, it will be applied to the final settlement.

No valuation was elected: If you did not elect FVP, then your claim settlement will be adjudicated at basic valuation which is $.60 per pound per article. NOTE: The state of Kansas the basic valuation is $.30 per pound per article.

How to file a claim: Print a copy of the claim form and instructions. List all of your damages and loss on the claim form(s). Please fill the claim form completely: Enter the inventory number, general description of damages, date of purchase, purchase amount, claimed amount and be sure to enter a good daytime phone number, date and sign. You may fax or mail your claim forms.

How long do I have to file a claim? You must have a completed claim form submitted within 9 months of the delivery date. You must have all of your damaged and/or lost items noted on the claim form and it must be received by the carrier within 9 months. You may not add additional items after the claim form is received.

Inspections & Repairs: The carrier may have your damaged items inspected and/or repaired. You must have all items claimed available for inspection. Failure to do so may result in a denial of the item.

Salvage: The carrier is entitled to take possession of and sell for salvage any damaged item on which it has paid either the depreciated or undepreciated replacement cost or replaced the damaged item with a new item.

When will I receive payment? Upon receipt of your signed Release Form, you will receive payment within 30 days. You may email or fax your signed Release Form. See Contact information on home page.


Expenses: Out-of-pocket expenses are the expenses incurred by a member and their family members because they are not able to use the items in the shipment or to establish his or her household. Expenses include but are not limited to, lodging, meals, laundry service, furniture and/or appliance rental, or other similar expenses such as towels, pots, pans, paper plates, plastic knives, spoons, forks, paper and/or plastic cups and napkins. A request for reimbursement of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

To file an inconvenience claim: Please submit in writing the reason for your inconvenience. Please include your mailing address, daytime phone number, and provide a list of purchases with receipts. You may submit your claim by mail, fax or e-mail.

DOWNLOAD CLAIMS DOCUMENT:     claiminstructions.pdf

To file a new claim, check the status of a claim, or amend a current claim please click on the link below and follow the instructions.